A revolutionary way to clean the atmosphere

AETERIO is a revolutionary nanotechnological paint that actively neutralizes fumes and cleans the air. It transforms the energy in natural sunlight into an extraordinary cleansing power.

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The change you will feel

An environment without toxins, bacteria, allergens or bad odors

A change you can be part of

Does this seem almost like a miracle? Well, you might be right. AETERIO is a groundbreaking tool that cleanses the atmosphere as well as its surface. Once enough of us join the movement, we will change the world together.

Cleaning the atmosphere

Just 15 m² (approx. 160 sq. ft) of applied AETERIO cleans all of the harmful nitrous oxide created by a diesel car within its entire life cycle.

If we painted just 0.6 miles or acoustic barriers alongside a highway, we could effectively eliminate the fumes created by approx. 400 cars! Just try and imagine the change that could happen if we paint many surfaces in highly polluted areas, such as city centers or industrial areas.

A paint that lasts 10 years or longer

Surfaces treated with AETERIO paint will stay clean for a long time only with the help of natural sunlight and the weather. You won’t need to take care of them yourself – in other words, the paint saves time, energy and the environment too.

Paint a wall, plant a tree

Your house can become an air purifier right now. How cool is that? Humans will always rely on nature and vegetation for photosynthesis – the essential process that creates the oxygen we breathe. AETERIO can be seen as a helpful partner to nature that does the heavy lifting and fights man-made dirt.

Interior usage

There’s only one atmosphere – and the fumes invade our homes as well. AETERIO is as powerful on the interior as it is on the exterior. Treated surfaces will neutralize house allergens, irritants, toxins and bad smells, including cigarette smoke or kitchen odors. They protect your health and wellbeing while creating a positive ambiance.

When combined with the energy of light (either natural sunlight or artificial UV light), AETERIO activates a cleansing effect that eliminates harmful organic matter and microorganisms from the air.

The resulting environment is actively protected from pollutants – toxins, bacteria, allergens or bad odors – these substances are transformed into a negligible amount of H₂0 and CO₂.

Whole world
Aeterio applied
Surfaces painted
Cars neutralized
220 l
1500 m²


How can something this simple work?

AETERIO truly is a simple and beautiful new solution to one of mankind’s biggest troubles and challenges. We’ve spent over a decade doing research and testing the product with independent science institutions as well as in the real world.

Sounds awesome, how can I take part?

We would most appreciate if you could join our ongoing crowdfunding campaign and fund our project. We will also be more than grateful for sharing and spreading the word – on social media as well as word of mouth. We need to spread the information as much as possible. Last but not least, the best thing you can do for both yourself and us is to purchase & apply AETERIO on your property.

Why should I support such a project?

The polluted atmosphere is a crucial problem for every single one of us – we’re all breathing fumes and becoming sicker every day. Everyone can join the movement now and start eliminating harmful substances from the air. Since future generations will judge us for what shape we leave this world in, this can be the best gift you will ever give to your loved ones. AETERIO makes it easy to join something truly great and change the world we live in.

Are you ready for a revolution?